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Bounced and Injured | What To Do if You Are Injured by Nightclub Security

You love your favorite bar or nightclub, and you may even visit it for years without being involved in an incident, but the basic fact is that a public establishment filled with people who may be influenced by alcohol is bound to have its fair share of fights or rowdy situations. This is why most bars and nightclubs employ bouncers to stand as security in the establishment.

Unfortunately, some of the professionals who are meant to protect the patrons take on the role of enforcement officials instead, acting in aggressive ways even when it is not called for or becoming overtly physical when action is necessary. If you happen to be injured by security at a nightclub, you may have good reason to contact a personal injury law firm for advice. 

Is it your own fault if you are injured by a nightclub security employee?

If you are injured by security at a nightclub, you may just head home and nurse your injuries, feeling like it was your own fault, especially if you were forced to leave due to your own misbehavior. However, there is a right way and a wrong way for these professionals to do their job, and you should not suffer major injuries, even if you are forced to leave or are intoxicated. 

How do you report the incident if you cannot enter the establishment?

Whether or not you are forced to leave the establishment, you should make an attempt to report your injuries, to the nightclub manager over the phone and to the authorities. Reporting the incident immediately will indicate that you were proactive about the situation and may help your case. Additionally, you should seek medical attention right away and received documented medical evidence for your injury.

How can you prove that you were handled too roughly by a member of security personnel?

The burden of proving that you are in fact entitled to payment for injuries after an incident with a bouncer will be a little more complex than many other types of personal injury cases. This is because you will likely need witnesses who can state that you were aggressively handled. Plus, how intoxicated you were at the time is a factor that may be considered, because it is often an indicator of how aggressively you may have reacted to being removed and because you may not remember exactly what happened. 

Drinking at a public place definitely comes with some risks. However, any public establishment has a liability to keep patrons safe. Yet safety should not come along with injuries or overly aggressive behavior from security. If you have been injured by a bouncer at a nightclub, talk to a personal injury attorney about what you can do. Consider speaking with a representative from Dyer Law Firm LLC.