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When It Comes To Compensation For Accident Related Injuries, Minor Injuries Matter Too

Walking away from a minor automobile accident healthy is great. However, these accidents sometimes cause drivers to minimize the fact that there still may be medical costs that need to be addressed. This unfortunate mindset can even keep a driver from trying to recoup the costs of their medical treatment like they deserve. Don't fall for the idea that your level of injury can keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Minor Injuries Don't Mean Zero Compensation

One of the greatest myths concerning minor injuries is the idea that they aren't entitled to compensation. The important thing to understand is that the level of compensation you receive for an injury is based on the magnitude of the injury. However, there is no injury threshold by which you are held in order to determine if your medical treatment will be covered. The bottom line is, the negligent actions of another driver caused your injury and as a result, you shouldn't be left to foot the bill for your treatment costs.

A perfect example of this is a black eye. Even in a minor collision, it's fairly likely that the driver side airbag will engage. Depending on the position of your head, the force from the airbag slamming into your face could cause a black-eye. In the medical world, this isn't a life-threatening injury, but it's still important to be examined by a medical professional to ensure the injury is only superficial. Any costs you incur from this simple checkup aren't yours to bear alone.

Think Past The Injury Itself

In addition to minimizing the injury, some people also overlook the level of impact even a small injury can have on their life. Use the previous example of a black-eye, for instance. If the victim who sustained the injury works in a role that requires them to use their face, such as live theater or as a model, the black-eye could prevent them from working.

In this case, not only is this individual eligible for compensation for the actual injury, but also any loss of income from their inability to work. If your seemingly insignificant injury limited your ability to work for even a week, your loss incurred could quickly add up and isn't something you should overlook.

No matter the size of your accident, it's always a good idea to rely on an attorney. Attorneys ensure every stone is overturned and that you receive the compensation you deserve, even if you think it's too minor.

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