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Common Injuries Resulting From A Commercial Truck Accident

A truck accident can cause serious injuries to all parts of your body but there are some areas of the body that are more vulnerable to injuries than others. There are several injuries in particular that you and your truck accident attorney will have an easy time connecting to your accident. 

The Most Common Areas of the Body Injured by Truck Accidents

Neck injuries are common in all types of car accidents because the force of the impact causes whiplash. This is especially true for truck accidents. You may experience numbness of the arms, pain in the upper back and arms, and reduced range of motion.

Traumatic brain injuries are another common injury caused by a truck accident. For example, you might slam your head on the inside of your car as it is hit by the violent impact of the truck. You may also suffer a wrist injury as you attempt to protect yourself with your hands. Or, your brain might have been jolted inside your head. This can lead to personality, emotional and cognitive changes. 

The back is a large part of the body and is very complex. There are several bones, nerves and a spinal column. Therefore, there are several parts of the back that can be injured due to a sudden impact from a large commercial vehicle. Because your back plays an important role in controlling the motions in other parts of your body, an injury to your back can leave you paralyzed.

Paying for Your Medical Bills

You don't have to be stuck paying for your medical bills after a truck accident when the accident was not your fault. If the truck driver was negligent, a truck accident attorney can assist you in seeking compensation from the truck driver's insurance provider. As long as you were following the rules and were not driving in an aggressive manner, there is a good chance that you are not responsible for the accident. 

When you try to prove negligence, the truck driver, their employer, and the insurance provider will likely argue that they were not responsible for the accident. Therefore, you will need help from witnesses who can testify to your version of the events that transpired as well as expert witnesses who can reconstruct the accident. A truck accident attorney can help you through each stage of the process so that you can seek the compensation you deserve.