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Important Reasons To Retain An Attorney Who Practices Birth Defect Law

You probably anticipated your child's birth as one of the most joyful times in your life. However, when he or she was born with severe birth defects, your joy may have quickly turned to sadness and regret, especially if a doctor or healthcare provider intentionally or accidentally caused them harm.

When you suspect malpractice from your OBGYN or someone involved with your delivery, you have the right to take legal action against them. You can start by retaining an attorney who practices birth defect law

Proving Malpractice 

Before you can take action against a healthcare provider involved in your prenatal care or delivery, you need to prove that he or she committed malpractice. You may have no idea of how to secure the evidence to prove it on your own. You need the help of a lawyer who has the experience and legal reach to obtain this evidence for you. 

Your attorney can subpoena evidence like medical records, testimonies from hospital workers, and even video surveillance to show what happened during your care. Your lawyer can establish that the provider committed malpractice and is legally and financially liable for your child's defects.

Pursuing a Judgment

When you want to hold the provider and the healthcare facility accountable for what happened to your child, you can have your birth defect law attorney push for a judgment in court. The judgment gives you access to assets that the provider and the facility own. It lets you seize so much of them to compensate you for your suffering and punitive damages.

As the parent of a victimized child, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical expenses and those of your child. You can also seek coverage for your lost income and damages associated with your mental, emotional, and financial suffering.

Finally, your birth defect law attorney can pursue a settlement if you want to avoid going to trial. The provider and healthcare facility may prefer to settle to keep negative publicity away from them both. They may offer you a lump sum of money, which covers your current and future damages, in exchange for you dropping the lawsuit.

A birth defect law attorney can provide critical benefits to parents of victimized babies like you. He or she can secure evidence to prove malpractice. Your lawyer can also pursue a judgment against valuable assets or work out a settlement for your family.