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Unsafe Bicycling Habits Could Lead To An Accident

Bicyclists might find themselves repeatedly dodging dangers and risks when traveling in cities. Even areas with fewer commuters present dangers, as "roads less traveled" only need one driver to commit a moving violation that leaves a bicyclist fighting for their life. Although suspicion often falls on a driver after a bicycle accident, the cyclist could be the one who causes the accident or contributes to it. Imagine a bicyclist's shock to discover he or she faces a lawsuit after suffering terrible injuries. However, that may happen when a bicyclist violates the law or behaves unsafely.

Rules for Bicyclists

Rules exist to not only bicyclists from harm but also to keep bicyclists from harming others. Yet, many cyclists may flagrantly violate the law because they assume they won't receive a ticket. Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or riding in the opposite direction of traffic represent two rules a bicyclist could break. Sometimes, a bicyclist may break both rules at once. If an accident results when the bicyclist flagrantly violates the law, fighting a negligence claim may prove incredibly difficult.

Causing Harm When Violating Cycling Laws

"You're not supposed to be there, and you're not supposed to be doing that" might seem like trite commentary, but the words could reflect a strong case for negligence. When a bicyclist goes through a stop sign forcing a car to swerve to avoid hitting the bike, the vehicle might strike another vehicle or a pedestrian. Some faults might lie with the driver, but the bicyclist may deal with the brunt of any liability claims. Had the bicyclist not gone through the stop sign, the injury chain reaction would have doubtlessly occurred.

Bicyclists and Behavior on the Road

To avoid catastrophes, bicyclists should follow established laws and adhere to common-sense safety practices. When tired after a long week at work, perhaps skipping a morning exercise biking session seems wise. A fatigued bicyclist might not react fast enough to avoid a crash. That's one example of many ways bicyclists could prevent a negligent crash.

Insurance Claims and Litigation

Persons hurt by a bicyclist's negligence may plan on filing a lawsuit. Concerns could exist about the cyclist's assets and ability to cover the losses. Interestingly, if the bicyclist causes a collision with a vehicle, their auto insurance policy may cover the damages. An injury attorney could negotiate a settlement with the insurance company if a policy and related coverage exist.

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