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Top Things Your Auto Accident Attorney Might Ask You To Do

If you have already gone in for a free consultation and hired an auto accident attorney, then you will probably work with them on your case quite a bit until it's resolved. When doing so, your lawyer might ask you to do certain things. It's usually a good idea to listen to their advice; after all, the whole reason why you might have hired them could be because you know they are an expert in their industry. If you're curious about some of the things that your lawyer might ask you to do, you can see a few examples below.

Give Them Evidence and Documentation

If they haven't done so already, your lawyer will probably ask you for any evidence and documentation that you might have that might relate to your case. Naturally, you will want to turn these things over so that you can have the best possible results from your case. If you don't know about the types of things that your lawyer might want you to give to them, you can always ask them for a list.

Sign a Waiver

There's a good chance that your lawyer will want to talk to the doctors and other medical professionals who have been providing you with care since your car accident. Legally, they cannot do this without your permission. Plus, you probably wouldn't want them talking to your healthcare workers without you knowing about it. However, they might give you a form that you can sign that gives them permission to get medical records and other information from your doctor. You don't have to sign this form if you don't want to, but you might want to do it. After all, this allows your lawyer to get all of the information that they need for handling your case, and it helps you avoid having to source these documents from your doctor and give them to your lawyer yourself.

Refrain From Discussing the Case

There's a good chance that your auto accident attorney will warn you not to speak to anyone about your car accident case. This includes insurance adjusters, lawyers who represent the insurance company, and more. In fact, they might even tell you that you shouldn't talk to family members or friends much about your case or that you should not post about it on social media. This helps you avoid accidentally saying or doing something that might jeopardize your case, so you'll probably want to listen to your lawyer's advice when it comes to this.