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Essential Information You Need To Avoid Severe Consequences When Facing Drunk Driving Charges

When the law enforcers arrest you on suspicion of drunk driving, you might have several questions about your situation. For instance, you might wonder about the consequences you will face. You may also want to know what you can do to prevent getting a harsh judgment. You can get all the information you need about the charges by contacting a drunk driving attorney. Here are some essential questions you need to ask them.

What Should You Do Immediately After Your Arrest?

The mistakes you make during your drunk driving arrest can make your situation worse. That's why you should watch what you do or say to the police because it can give them more evidence to use against you. It's always advisable to keep your hands on the steering wheel until the arresting officer tells you to move out of your vehicle. It would be best if you also cooperated with the police to avoid facing additional charges. Most importantly, request the officers to allow you to contact your lawyer. Legal help is particularly important before the police ask questions to prevent you from sharing incriminating information.

Must You Take Sobriety Tests?

The law enforcers undertake different tests when they suspect a motorist was driving while impaired. They enable them to determine a driver's driving ability and provide essential evidence to table in court. You have a right to refuse the tests, especially if you feel the alcohol content in your blood is above the recommended limit. However, doing so can get you into more trouble. Therefore, if you have time, you need to consult a lawyer before declining to take the tests so that they can advise you on the measures to take to prevent severe consequences.

What Punishment Might You Get After Conviction?

The penalties you get will depend on the severity of your injuries and the number of DUI convictions in the last few years. If you're facing your first charge, the judge might sentence you to at least several days in jail. The punishment for a second charge might be harsher than the first offender. And the third offender might spend more time in jail than the first and the second offender.

The best way to avoid severe punishment for drunk driving is by understanding how to challenge your arrest before appearing in court. Therefore, consider consulting a drunk driving accident attorney for advice immediately after your arrest. They will share the information above and any other useful advice that will make it easy to beat your DUI charges.