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The Most Effective Strategies For Proving Fault After A Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

An 18-wheeler accident on an expressway involving multiple vehicles is a nightmare for everyone involved. The damages that can result from such an accident can be colossal with multiple parties potentially being at fault. While the 18-wheeler will likely be insured by a company that has a very high policy limit, they will do everything they can to limit their liability by placing blame on other motorists at the scene of the accident. 

Getting Started with a Complicated Truck Accident Case

When multiple vehicles are at fault after an accident, several lawyers will get involved and conduct a thorough investigation into the accident. You will need to hire your own lawyer who can help you gather the evidence you will need to prove that you were not at fault and to place the blame instead on one or more other parties.

Liability After an 18-Wheeler Accident

The truck driver might be the sole individual at fault for the accident. Many 18-wheeler accidents are caused by truck drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel or are distracted after a long trip. However, the employer is more likely to be held responsible for the accident unless there is evidence that the driver willfully caused the accident.

In most cases, the employer is held responsible for the accident. This is because the employer is considered to have vicarious liability and is held responsible for any accidents caused by the employee. The employer will be required to carry commercial vehicle liability insurance and will need to inform their insurer so that your claim can then be processed. 

How to Prove Fault

There are various ways that you can prove that a truck driver was responsible for an accident. You can use eyewitness testimony and surveillance footage. However, one of the most useful forms of evidence is testimony from an accident reconstructionist. 

An accident reconstruction is one of the most scientific and reliable ways to find out exactly how an accident occurred. The expert witness will begin by examining the evidence found at the scene of the accident. They will then work backward to find out exactly how the accident occurred. 

However, for an accident reconstruction to be successful, you will need to act quickly so that your legal team can quickly gather the evidence necessary. This can include a survey of the scene of the accident, police reports, medical records, and records of similar collisions. 

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