How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Prove Your Claim In A Sports Injury Case?

Do you think your sports injuries were more than just bad luck? After all, when engaging in physical activity, you're inherently taking a risk. But what if your injury wasn't your fault? What if a defective product, poor coaching, or another player's negligence caused your injury? In that case, you might have a case on your hands, and a personal injury lawyer can help you prove it. How can they do it? [Read More]

The Most Effective Strategies For Proving Fault After A Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

An 18-wheeler accident on an expressway involving multiple vehicles is a nightmare for everyone involved. The damages that can result from such an accident can be colossal with multiple parties potentially being at fault. While the 18-wheeler will likely be insured by a company that has a very high policy limit, they will do everything they can to limit their liability by placing blame on other motorists at the scene of the accident. [Read More]

How To Prepare A Catastrophic Injury Claim

The possibility that an injury will leave you with long-term care needs and unable to work can be frightening to consider. If the injury was the result of someone else's negligence, recklessness, or malice, however, you may be able to pursue a catastrophic injury claim. This is one of the most difficult kinds of injury claims to pursue, though, so it's important to prepare it as well as possible. Here are three tips for preparing such a claim. [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Working With A Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Ridesharing services have made moving within cities more convenient. Unlike in the past, when you needed a taxi driver's contact for every city you visited, now you can get a ride with the touch of a button, thanks to rideshare apps. Yet, for all the benefits these services provide, there are certain drawbacks.   When you board a bus, you're protected in case of an accident because of the specific insurance the vehicle and its provider carry. [Read More]